The Basics of Training Your Dog


The Basics of Training Your Dog

Dogs are known as a faithful animal. Most dog owners would love to have a calm and obedient dog. It is said that calm and obedient dogs are healthier. Moreover, these dogs will have fewer or no tussles with people and other dogs.

If your dog is a puppy, you will need much more patience and time to house train your puppy correctly.

If you want to housebreak your puppy, you have to observe to learn when it needs to use the bathroom. When he needs to go outside, it helps if you condition him by saying “outside” or “out” in a high-pitched tone of voice, just to get him used to the idea of where he is going. He will soon learn what you mean and that it is time to go to the bathroom. Never forget to praise him when he follows or obeys your command.

Whatever training we give the dogs, there are some basic trainings and commands a dog must understand and follow.

Some of these commands are:

Sit. Training your dog to sit on command is a basic and an important part of any dog-training program.

Stay: A well-trained dog should be able to remain where his or her owner commands. So stay is another very important command in dog training.

Down: Lying down on command is more than just as necessary; it is a key factor of any successful dog-training program.

No: The word “no” is one word that all dogs must learn and obey. Training your dog to respond to this important word can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

A well-trained dog should respond well to all of your command. Your dog will not be confused or show displeasure. To achieve this it is important to embark on a good and consistent dog-training program.

If your dog is well-trained he will be very good companion to you and your family. Your dog will more likely get along well with people and other dogs.

Obedience training is essential and is a great way to satisfy a dog’s own needs, for example, exercise and a relationship with its owner or handler.

Obedience training should be an ongoing process; apart from training, playtime should be part and parcel of the training. This will ensure that the dog does not become bored and it also reinforces the bond between the owner and the dog.

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