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Dog Weight Management

  Dog Weight Management – Dealing with Dog Weight Problems  Almost half of the dog population is classified as overweight, yet many pet owners may not be fully aware of this weight problem. Different breeds of dogs have different ideal weights which are standards which have been established. In order to be sure that the weight […]

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Bloat in Dogs

    Bloat in Dogs Bloat occurs when a dog’s stomach becomes distended as a result of the build-up of gases. As the stomach expands, it exerts pressure on surrounding vital organs including the diaphragm, making it difficult for the dog to breath. Without prompt medical attention, the stomach can twist on its ends resulting […]

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Top Ten Tips On Keeping Your Pet Safe In The Desert Heat

    Dogs, Cats, Horses and the Desert Heat There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing a dog following it’s owner, a cat cuddled in someones lap, or a horse nudging it’s master. For centuries, the companionship of these animals have played an instrumental part in what makes the world turn. Be it a guard […]

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