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Cat Litter Basics

If your cat isn’t using his little box, it may be that he doesn’t like your choice of cat litters.

A cat litter box is an important waste disposal system when you have indoor cats. Cat owners may refer to the litter box as a sand box, a catbox, or a litter tray. Some owners of small dog breeds sometimes make use of a cat litter box when their dogs are restricted inside their homes and not allowed outside access.

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Bengal Cats as Pets

    Bengal Cats as Pets Bengal cats have leopard spots that reflect their Asian Leopard cat heritage.  These playful and vocal Bengals make great household companions. Their distinct personalities and temperament endear them to every member of the family. In fact, there are Bengal cat owners who swear they can carry on a conversation […]

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Worms in Cats

    Worms in Cats Parasitism in cats is a very common health problem. In fact, more than 45% of the cat population is carrying a parasitic load which can be taxing on the cat’s health and nutritional needs. In most cases, the presence of worms in cats is manifested only by non-specific symptoms including […]

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Beware of Heatstroke in Dogs and Cats

    Beware of Heatstroke in Dogs and Cats Pets owners residing in the desert should be particularly aware of the possibility of heatstroke. Heat stroke, also called hyperthermia, is characterized by an abnormal increase in body temperature as a result of over-exposure to high environmental temperature. Heat stroke can be a life-threatening condition if […]

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The Basics of Training Your Dog

    The Basics of Training Your Dog Dogs are known as a faithful animal. Most dog owners would love to have a calm and obedient dog. It is said that calm and obedient dogs are healthier. Moreover, these dogs will have fewer or no tussles with people and other dogs. If your dog is […]

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