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Bengal Cats as Pets

    Bengal Cats as Pets Bengal cats have leopard spots that reflect their Asian Leopard cat heritage.  These playful and vocal Bengals make great household companions. Their distinct personalities and temperament endear them to every member of the family. In fact, there are Bengal cat owners who swear they can carry on a conversation […]

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Worms in Cats

    Worms in Cats Parasitism in cats is a very common health problem. In fact, more than 45% of the cat population is carrying a parasitic load which can be taxing on the cat’s health and nutritional needs. In most cases, the presence of worms in cats is manifested only by non-specific symptoms including […]

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The Basics of Training Your Dog

    The Basics of Training Your Dog Dogs are known as a faithful animal. Most dog owners would love to have a calm and obedient dog. It is said that calm and obedient dogs are healthier. Moreover, these dogs will have fewer or no tussles with people and other dogs. If your dog is […]

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Top Ten Tips On Keeping Your Pet Safe In The Desert Heat

    Dogs, Cats, Horses and the Desert Heat There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing a dog following it’s owner, a cat cuddled in someones lap, or a horse nudging it’s master. For centuries, the companionship of these animals have played an instrumental part in what makes the world turn. Be it a guard […]

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