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6 Ways to Help De-stress Pets During Vet Visits

There’s no two ways about it: Health care can be stressful. Whether we’re talking humans or animals, home or hospital care, many things medical are stressful. As a veterinarian, and a patient, it’s my opinion that stress is always worst for those who don’t understand why they need to suffer medications, stand for IV catheters […]

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Kitten six-month health check

At six months, it is advisable to make an appointment for your kitten to have a thorough health check. Your vet will want to make sure your kitten is on track with her development and growth. What to expect At your kitten’s six-month appointment, you can expect your vet to perform the following health checks: […]

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Hairballs in Cats

    Hairballs in Cats Cats spend approximately 10% of the time that they are awake, grooming themselves. Felines are fastidious groomers and it is this behavior that increases their predisposition to the formation of Trichobezoars, commonly known as hairballs. While grooming, a cat can swallow hairs as it licks itself. Most cats have no […]

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Bloat in Dogs

    Bloat in Dogs Bloat occurs when a dog’s stomach becomes distended as a result of the build-up of gases. As the stomach expands, it exerts pressure on surrounding vital organs including the diaphragm, making it difficult for the dog to breath. Without prompt medical attention, the stomach can twist on its ends resulting […]

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