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A Vet’s 5 Tips for Coping With a Pet Emergency

5 Things to Do in a Veterinary Emergency (and 1 to Skip) Rely on your vet — not the internet. Let’s start with what not to do: Resist the urge to Google your pet’s signs. An overload of information isn’t likely to be helpful — it will just give you more things to worry about, […]

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Kitten six-month health check

At six months, it is advisable to make an appointment for your kitten to have a thorough health check. Your vet will want to make sure your kitten is on track with her development and growth. What to expect At your kitten’s six-month appointment, you can expect your vet to perform the following health checks: […]

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Cat Litter Basics

If your cat isn’t using his little box, it may be that he doesn’t like your choice of cat litters.

A cat litter box is an important waste disposal system when you have indoor cats. Cat owners may refer to the litter box as a sand box, a catbox, or a litter tray. Some owners of small dog breeds sometimes make use of a cat litter box when their dogs are restricted inside their homes and not allowed outside access.

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Dog Food and Ingredients to Avoid

    Dog Food and Ingredients to Avoid With so many horror stories linked to undesirable and unwholesome substances or ingredients present in dog food, it is high time for dog owners to take an active stance in ensuring that their pets receive the most nutritious and wholesome dog food that they can get their […]

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Toxic for Dogs: Top Ten Toxic Products

    Toxic for Dogs: Top Ten Toxic Products Poisoning in dogs is considered as among the top canine medical cases in the U.S.  Most of the cases are caused by seemingly harmless substances and products which are found in the home. However, dog owners should bear in mind that what is safe for people […]

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Kennel Cough: Symptoms and Treatment

    Kennel Cough Kennel Cough is the layman’s term for Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis or Bordetellosis. It is a highly contagious health condition primarily affecting a dog’s respiratory system. “Tracheobronchitis” describes the inflammatory process that takes place in the dog’s trachea and bronchi. The morbidity rate of Kennel Cough among dogs is quite high. Many […]

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Worms in Cats

    Worms in Cats Parasitism in cats is a very common health problem. In fact, more than 45% of the cat population is carrying a parasitic load which can be taxing on the cat’s health and nutritional needs. In most cases, the presence of worms in cats is manifested only by non-specific symptoms including […]

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The Basics of Training Your Dog

    The Basics of Training Your Dog Dogs are known as a faithful animal. Most dog owners would love to have a calm and obedient dog. It is said that calm and obedient dogs are healthier. Moreover, these dogs will have fewer or no tussles with people and other dogs. If your dog is […]

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Top Ten Tips On Keeping Your Pet Safe In The Desert Heat

    Dogs, Cats, Horses and the Desert Heat There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing a dog following it’s owner, a cat cuddled in someones lap, or a horse nudging it’s master. For centuries, the companionship of these animals have played an instrumental part in what makes the world turn. Be it a guard […]

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