Bengal Cats as Pets


Bengal Cats as Pets

Bengal cats have leopard spots that reflect their Asian Leopard cat heritage.  These playful and vocal Bengals make great household companions. Their distinct personalities and temperament endear them to every member of the family. In fact, there are Bengal cat owners who swear they can carry on a conversation with their feline friend.

The History of the Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat is a relatively new breed of domestic cat. The first recorded registration of a Bengal Cat with the International Cat Association was in 1983. In 1970, a genetic research was conducted in California using the wild Asian Leopard Cat. The results of the breeding program were F1 females or first generation foundation offspring. These F1 females became the forerunners of the Bengal Cat foundation breeding programs. The domestic Bengal cats of today are considered to be the fourth generation from their Asian Leopard cat heritage.

Bengal Cats and Kids

Bengal cats have gentle personalities and they click well with kids. They thrive on attention and always want to be where family members are.  They are bundles of energy that they are not destined to be lap cats. Perhaps it is their innate jungle sense that makes them dynamic and shy away from being restricted. You should let your kids understand this Bengal instinct so they will not try to confine the cat’s movements when they feel like cuddling.

Lovable Bengal Personality

Bengal cats are highly intelligent which makes them a very curious about anything and everything in their surroundings. You will have an easy time training and teaching your Bengal new tricks. Being intelligent makes them very confident felines. They think they can get away with anything they have set their eyes and hearts on.

A distinct remnant of their jungle days that is still very prominent is their being hyperactive. You will hardly find your Bengal in a corner for they love to chase, leap, run, jump and even climb. A Bengal really thirsts for the next adventure.

Bengals Love the Water

Like many breeds of dogs, Bengals love the water, a trait that is a leftover of their wild ancestry. There not afraid of water and may even jump into the shower or bath with you. There have been Bengal owners who find their pets playing with the water in the toilet!

 The Bengal Cat and Your Family

Being affectionate felines, Bengal cats can quickly develop an affinity for the members of the family. They like you to interact with them and even talk with them. One of their favorite pastimes is responding to you with chirps, yowls, and meows. Unlike other breeds of cats which are often distant and independent, Bengal cats are people cats which make them very similar to dogs in this aspect.