Monthly Archives: August 2013

Dog Weight Management

  Dog Weight Management – Dealing with Dog Weight Problems  Almost half of the dog population is classified as overweight, yet many pet owners may not be fully aware of this weight problem. Different breeds of dogs have different ideal weights which are standards which have been established. In order to be sure that the weight […]

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Internal Parasites in Cats

    Internal Parasites in Cats Cats can suffer from various species of internal parasites which are commonly referred to as worms. A cat harboring a considerable number of worm populations in the intestines may show a variety of symptoms of the infection however there are many worm infestations that can go undetected. Cat owners […]

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Dog Life Stages

    Dog Life Stages – Dealing with Milestones in your Dog’s Life  Each stage of a dog’s life is characterized by different milestones. Being familiar with a dog’s life stages will help you know what to expect and be prepared to deal with the different needs and behaviors as your dog develops from being […]

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